iFoam Cartridge

  • iFoam Cartridge - 500 ml500 ml liquid volume
  • With each cartridge, you can wash your hands 1,000 times
  • %100 Herbal formula
  • With moisturizing cream
  • Contains no harmful chemicals and does not cause allergy

iFoam Premium Soap is a new cleaning and care product developed with advanced technology to use instead of bar soaps, liquid soaps, body shampoo, and similar products.

In its %100 herbal formula, there are no harmful chemical substances such as alkali, nitrosamine, formaldehyde, skin irritating viscosity chemicals, and triclosan. Being hypoallergenic, it does not cause allergy and harm sensitive skins.

iFoam helps removal of the bacteria while opening stomas and preserves the protective layer of the skin.

• pH level of iFoam is 5.5 just like it is supposed to be in a healthy skin.

• iFoam moisturizes the skin and makes it more flexible and softer.

Thanks to its hygienic feature, iFoam is a skin friendly product, which eases and quickens the cure of the problems such as fungi, maya, acne, pimple, psoriasis, and eczema. Never harms the skin during cleaning the body.

As it does not cause skin distention, iFoam is an ideal cleaning medium for people with psoriasis disease.

iFoam does not harm like other cleaning agents on the skins with eczema.  No irritation and distention occurs on the skin.  As it preserves the protective layer, helps cure the skin substantially.